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From design to construction Winter Wonderlands & GERMAN MARKET STALLS

  Our very experienced team of Imaginers, Electronic engineers, carpenters joiners and fabricators in fibre glass, polystyrene, plastics, foams, wood and steel able to work from detailed drawings or scribbles on a napkin, specializing in easy to erect, dismantle and storage.  

Bring your Christmas activity to life with Animations or Automatons, Automaton elves, Automaton animals and Automaton Christmas trees.


Animations have two moving parts Automatons have several


These beautifully created creatures, design, built and maintained by our crafts people dressed to impress in all their refinement

  Designing Winter Wonderlands on a budget, then building on it annually is a sure way to a successful event. We have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t, talk to our design team  
  Our Winter Wonderland & Grotto constructions have had fabulous reviews, rewarded by smile after smile of very pleased parents and children. Our Clients have been rewarded large footfalls repeat business and lower capitol exposures.  

It is well advised to plan in advance, details are the key,  



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Have a Wonderful Christmas may all your dreams come true.............Be good because Santa knows!